Cutters Choice Diamond Blades & Diamond Tools

Cutters ChoiceOur fine quality line of diamond blades have been engineered to meet your needs.

Tried and tested to meet your needs.

Cutters Choice Diamond Blades Offers the Finest Blend of Quality and Economy.

Cutters Choice brand diamond blades and core bits offer one of the finest blends of quality and economy in the industry.  Whether you are looking for fast-cutting or long-life, or both.  Cutters Choice has the right diamond blades and diamond core bits for your job.

Diamond Tool Selector Guide

Our Cutters Choice Diamond Tool Selector Guide will assist you through the type of equipment being used, options for the project you want to accomplish, to the recommend the diamond tool that fits your need.

Good, Better, Best Values for Money Investment

Cutters ChoiceCutters Choice Diamond Blades are designed to give you the best value for your money spent. We know that the market for diamond blades is so confusing that it is difficult to find the best diamond blade value for your given job.  At Cutters Choice we have over 120 years of combined experience in helping our customers find the right blade for their job every time.  Our Good, Better, Best grading system simplifies the process of finding the right tool for your needs. Feel free to call us to tap our knowledge of the diamond tool industry, or for help in choosing the best dry or wet diamond blade for your job, please contact us by email.

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